101 in 1001 Final Count: The Other Category… the last one!

This is the last one! Wooo hoo…


  1. <<<Insert new goal here>>>> -FAIL

Do I have to state the obvious?

2.Send out at least 6 care packages to my friends who are away from home (1/6)- FAIL

One person got a care package… its expensive to ship stuff!

3. Volunteer for a cause that I find worthy– FAIL

I don’t have any excuses… just didn’t happen.

4. Keep in touch with my close friends that have moved away at least once every two months- HARD TO CALL

This came pretty close… luckily I have friends who are definitely better at keeping in contact than I am.

5. Update my photo frames with current pictures– FAIL

I got rid of a lot of old pictures but I haven’t replaced them yet. Le sigh…

6. Watch the sunrise at least twice (2/2)– COMPLETED

Getting up at 5 am for school and 4 am for work knocked this one off the list pretty quickly.

7. Do at least three things that would be considered out of character (3/3)- COMPLETED

Do I want to list them? Not extremely.  This was a good example of surprising yourself though. I do things I would consider out of character a lot more than I ever thought. It wasn’t until I was forcing myself to notice that I did.

8. Teach myself to see the positive in every situation and identify what makes me happy. By the end of the 1001 days I should be able to write it down.– COMPLETED

A lot of things make me happy. A lot of small things make me happy. They change day to day but there is a lot more “good” than not in my life. Sometimes you just need to remember that.

As you can see… my list is now done. The 101 page will be updated shortly with links and such and I am going to close this book on my life. I wish I would have kept better track of my progress as I went through but it was nice to look back. Here’s to new challenges!

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