Long weekend = cold = :(

So this week I had big plans for the blog (as well as the rest of life)… yup… I had post it notes of ideas I got at work and everything. (yes I am that lame). But then on tuesday my valentine (aka. myself) decided it was going to throw me a curveball and I ended up with a really nasty cold and no voice.  What a v-day gift!

Since I am mainly isolated to my shared office, I decided to stick it out at work all week and then crash at home every night. I missed all my classes and fought to keep my energy and voice enough to make it through any meetings I had this week. So much for the blog posts I had prepared, so much for doing my italian homework and so much for my planned snowboarding outing this morning. All in all a bust leading into a long weekend.

So I sit here in my pyjamas still, writing away, doing laundry and planning out my long weekend which has dramatically changed since I originally planned it. I guess thats how life works, eh?

So I am going to make the best of it… I am going to do my nails today, see my grandpa for his 89th birthday and then just relax at home. I am going to try and make it downtown tomorrow for my usual pole dancing  “strength and conditioning” class and  maybe just maybe I will tackle my closet and give it a good clean out.  Maybe this is my body’s way of telling me that I just need to slow the fuck down for a minute in its most forceful way. It also gives me some time to spend with the blog and finish the 101 in 1001 which is a project I have let drag on way too long. This could be a good thing…

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