101 in 1001 Final Count: The Learning Section

Wow… second last section to go… and then I will actually have to think of original blog posts and actually write about something other than this project. I am kinda excited to move on from this though.

Completed.. .3.5/12… eek…. 

  1. Make it through all my Italian beginner cds… FAIL-ISH

Didn’t make it through … started taking Italian classes though so I am doing something to learn. As of march I will be out of the beginner classes which is really scary.

2. Order the intermediate ones after the beginner ones are finished (ok I jumped the gun a little)– FAIL-ISH

See above..

3. Read the bible- all of it– BIG FAIL

Never happened. I get to Numbers and I get stuck. Lol maybe one day I will get enough motivation to pick it up again.

4. Read 1 book every 2 months (at least)– FAIL

Definitely didn’t happen. Work is way too crazy for me to focus on a novel. So far it’s taken me 8 months to get through Game of Thrones.

5. Blog reviews of the ones I really love or really hate (edit). –FAIL

Obviously this did not happen.

6. Take a beginner French class- FAIL

This did not happen because I feel like I should focus on one language at a time. I feel French is important to learn since it is Canada’s other language.

7. Read the Italian magazines I bought instead of looking at the pretty pictures- COMPLETED

I need the help of google translate and my Italian books but I do it. One day I should do a post of what the magazine looks like after I mark it up.

 8. Read 5 biographies of people I admire- FAIL

Didn’t happen. I read the Dali Lama’s biography and stopped.

9. Go to a Mars Lecture– FAIL

Work and at the time school has gotten in the way of this one.

10. Read the origin of species by Darwin and the Double Helix by James Watson-FAIL

Double Helix is sitting on my desk. So is “What Disturbs our blood” by James Fitzgerald as well.

11. Attempt to read a graphic novel of some sort- COMPLETED

Done… I read a couple…quite interesting. Next up will be the Jane Austin novels that Marvel turned into graphic novels.

12. Figure out all the features of my digital camera and learn how to play with them to take a really great picture.- HALF COMPLETED

I figured out a lot of the settings…. Now to figure out my new camera….Maybe this will become a photoblog then I don’t actually have to write anything.


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