I’ve been Knitting… I swear

Okay so that may be a bit of a lie…. i maybe knit one or two rounds of my current project if I am lucky a week. But life’s been busy.

There are process shots though… (click to enlarge… i think)

This is at three repeats… and I am not loving the lime green right now. It doesn’t contrast that well with the grey. oh well… for stash yarn I really can’t complain.

My work has a knitting club that is starting in a couple weeks.  I am debating showing up though…. its weird sharing something that I consider part of my home life (yes… i am that exciting of an individual!) with co-workers. Especially ones that don’t really know me and/ or take me that seriously. Maybe it will help me network and get another contract once mine ends… you never know… knitters do stick together!

PS… I started tweeting… I am just getting my legs… but the sidebar has been added…

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