101 in 1001: Final Count: Entertainment

Heres the entertainment section. Final count is not bad considering some of the others. Here we go…



  1. Watch AMI top 100 movies– FAIL

I hardly watched any movies during the 101 in 1001… actually I am not a big movie watcher in general. So who knows where this goal came from.

2. Go to the ROM-COMPLETED

I actually went to the ROM a couple different times during this challenge. They redid the bat cave, which is very exciting. If you get a chance to be in TO and go to the ROM definitely do it. One of my favourite places in TO.

3. Go to the Bata Shoe Museum– FAIL

I have never been to the Bata Shoe Museum and I LOVE SHOES.  Maybe one day.

4. Go to the Science Centre– COMPLETED

I went to the Science Centre when they had the Harry Potter exhibit.  The exhibit was awesome, the Science Centre not so much. Would have been better if I was younger (ie. Under 10) but then again I did not go to the IMAX theatre.

5. See the nutcracker on stage-FAIL

This did not happen during the 101 but I did finally go see it after Christmas this year. My lovely ex-Roomate Krys took me for my birthday.  It was blogged about here.

6. See an independent art show or installation-COMPLETED

Went to Nuit Blanche which is kinda a cop out but essentially its an all night art show that takes over the city once a year. Its an awesome time.

7. Attend a fashion show at TO fashion week-FAIL

Never happened… I usually have to work and not focused enough to find out about getting tickets.

8. Have a cupcake and cocktail party-FAIL

As long as I live with my parents, this is never going to happen.

9. Go to a concert of a non- mainstream artist– FAIL

Didn’t happen during the 101 in 1001… saw my friend Chris’s band play over Christmas. They are called “The Real” and they are pretty awesome so better late than never.

10. Watch the full BBC version of Pride and Prejudice-FAIL

Did not complete this during the 101 time frame… Found it on itunes and definitely spent 6 hours last weekend watching it. I would say I need more hobbies… but I really don’t.

11. Go to a Jazz Festival-FAIL

12. Go to a casino and actually put money in one of the slot machines-COMPLETED

Done and in Vegas I might add… but I didn’t win anything. I definitely don’t like how they replaced all the levers with buttons.

13. Have a movie marathon where a whole set of movies is watched in a row (ie a trilogy)– FAIL

Who has that kind of time?  (I really do which is the sad part)

14. Go to see the Santa Clause Parade– FAIL

I miss it every year….

15. Watch a live professional soccer game-COMPLETED

Done… and a couple times I might add. J Everytime it rained (and it is definitely not covered) or it was freezing. Maybe this year I will go in the summer.

16. Get a membership to the Bloor Cinema– FAIL

This definitely didn’t happen and now that they are renovating the theatre I don’t know what will happen. All I have to say is that it used to be the most adorable vintage theatre (with love seats and a balcony!!) and the first time I went in there it made my heart swoon!

Next up the learning section…

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