Seeing The Nutcracker

Sidenote: I know this post is a little late coming… I started writing this post before I got a blasted ear infection while on christmas/holiday break from work and then once I got back in the swing of things unfortunately posting got pushed aside. SO yeah whatever….

As a child I was heavily involved in dance.  I was lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of my time in a dance studio doing something I loved to do.  I loved jazz and tap and miss it dearly. Sometimes I hate living in suburbia since a lot of things just end when you are older. Most people move away after high school and things just aren’t catered to an older crowd so since I moved home I really haven’t danced (in a class setting) on a regular basis.

One of the things that always rekindles my love for dance is going to see the Nation Ballet of Canada perform. I never really enjoyed dancing ballet (it was way too slow and structured for me) but I have always enjoyed watching it. As a child I idolized Karen Kane and always wanted to see her dance in person.  I never ended up going to the ballet downtown as a child since my parents were never really interested since there was “no talking” and lets be honest they probably sat through enough of my dance performances to last three lifetimes but luckily I have friends who don’t mind going to the ballet.

My college roommate, Krys and I got dressed up and headed downtown for a performance of the Nutcracker this past Christmas. It definitely did not disappoint! The costumes, the dancing… everything I had hoped for and more!

It gave me an excuse to wear my new ballet shoe earrings as well (yes, I know I am not 5! but those earrings still rock!) and it definitely inspired me to start dancing again as well. I started searching for tap lessons and found some drop in tap classes on weekends that I may try in a couple weeks. Its been so long that I am a little scared to enter a class and be absolutely horrible at it.  So we will see how it goes.

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