101 in 1001: Final Count: Food

2012 hasn’t started exactly as planned. I had an awesome night out downtown and ended up with an ear/ sinus infection. I have been off work for the past 3 days and I am going to force myself to go in tomorrow no matter how I feel. I have been so hopped on pain meds that I either sleep or lie on the couch in pain. Not such a great way to start off the new year! It must mean that all my year can do is get better.  Lets just say that I would never wish an ear infection on my worst enemy. I know there are worse types of pain out there but man it sucks.

So in my “drugged” (I am a light weight when it comes to meds… if it says it will make you sleepy, I prepare to be in bed for at least 13 hours) state I was unable to write some posts for the 101 in 1001 delayed final count.  This is one I started recapping before I ended up bedridden so I can finish it off right now.

Lets just say this food section did not go as well as planned…

Completed….0.5/10 (ouch!!!)

  1. Make veggie sushi (so I can actually try it)-FAIL

This totally did not happen… maybe someday. (sidenote: I am allergic to seafood and fish, among other things so making it myself is the only way I will be able to try sushi.)

2. Learn how to bartend and make most classic cocktails including a classic martini-FAIL

Big fail… I kinda stopped drinking mixed drinks, and most alcoholic drinks in general. The odd time I will have one… however one win I did try (and of course did not blog about) is the Peep Martini.  Total win… those marshmallows soak up all the martini goodness! Its going to be an Easter tradition hopefully.

3. Go on a wine tour-FAIL

Maybe this year…

4. Master making chocolate truffles by hand-HALF COMPLETED

They usually look a little homemade. Nothing wrong with that.

5.Learn proper cake decorating techniques including fondant-FAIL

I can pipe a mean cupcake though.

6. Learn how to make gnocchi from my grandmother-FAIL

Don’t even want to talk about this one. I have found a recipe that looks similar to hers so I may try it in 2012.

7. Make bread by hand. Make it a constant thing I do.-FAIL

8. Attempt to make cannoli by hand-FAIL

9. Put together a recipe booklet of all my favourites- FAIL

10. make 4 different vegan desserts (1/4)– FAIL

Why bother explaining the rest? All are fails.. so better luck next time I guess.  Only 3 more sections to go… 🙂 Almost there….

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