101 in 1001 Final Counts: Travel

So whats better than starting the new year off with finishing an old project. I am going to try and make this week the finishing touches of the 101 in 1001 so that this project is not haunting me in 2012.  Plus since I am recovering from a cold and well New Years celebrations, whats better than a recap.

So onto the travel section…. I love to travel however, the fact that I went back to school and gave up my permanent full time job to work contract positions, I have less time to travel.  I really need to travel this year coming up.

Completed… 4/8… not bad at all looking at my track record with the last couple of sections.

1. See New York- COMPLETED

See this post for all the New York details. Visiting New York was one of my dreams and I can not wait to go back again. I am a city girl through and through.

2. See a show on Broadway-COMPLETED

In New York we got to see a couple shows. My favourite was Chicago. Hands down..  I was in love. Blog Post here.

3. Visit western Canada- FAIL

I have never been out to western Canada and I was hoping to go while I had some friends out there and well couches to crash on… I am on a budget. J Maybe I will make it there some day soon.

4. Visit Mere is St. Kitts- COMPLETED

My friend was out in St. Kitts for Vet school because she is one smart cookie. We made it out there and had a great time eating bbq ribs and chicken, lying on the beach and site seeing.  No previous blog post since well I am bad at posting. oops. Just picture a beach and me on it. 🙂

5. Travel somewhere overnight by train-FAIL

I was hoping to take the train out west and that totally didn’t happen. I also got sticker shock when I saw the price. Its bloody cheaper to fly, which is kind of sad.

6. Go to Italy-FAIL

The plan was to go August 2011 (which would have been a fail anyways) but plans changed at the last minute.

7. Do a hippo tour of TO-FAIL

Hopefully I will get to do this ridiculous tour this summer.

8. Go on a trip spontaneously- could be a day trip or overnight. No planning ahead of time allowed. – COMPLETED

When I first started this challenge and ended up going back to school, I got dragged away to Port Dalhouse, ON for a weekend away. It was last minute, I left within 24 hours of agreeing to go and had a wicked time.  The pictures remain under lock and key for good reason.

Overall this travel section has been one of the better ones and will hopefully I will be adding some trips to this list in the next couple of years.

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