Before I am 27…

I turned 26 on December 7th of 2011.  Its been 10 years since I was 16. I feel freaking old but because I still live at home some days I still feel like I did 10 years ago. I guess its the price you pay for quitting your full time permanent job to go back to school to do something you actually have a passion for.

I originally did the 101 in 1oo1 challenge to get out of a depression I was in.  I had moved home, was working a shitty job in insurance for 2 years and was sick and tired of feeling like I had given up.   I used to be feisty. I used to have an opinion. I was used to being a smart ass and not always going with the grain not someone who worked in a corporate environment always fearing for her job.  My blog name is “Noone ever suspects the knitter” for a reason (even though it doesn’t always come out in my blog posts… oops).  Just because I don’t knit as much any more doesn’t mean it still doesn’t apply. I have always had many different interests, loved to push the envolope and always liked to challenge peoples ideas of me.

I tried to compile a list of 27 things I wanted to do before I was 27 but they seemed all like meaningless tasks that I was trying to achieve.  They were all little things that would be nice to do but would I didn’t know if I would actually have the same goals in a month, let alone a year. To be honest, that is one thing I am learning from recounting the 101 challenge, I don’t want the same things that I wanted back when I started.  I have changed, and hopefully evolved and grown in the process.

So after all the recent events that have transpired over the last month (and well the last year… most of them very personal to not make this blog), I have decided that this year will be a year of being fearless. I will strive for new challenges and new creative outlets and strive to try as many new things as possible.

So Happy New Year everyone! Let 2012 be a year of fearlessness and happiness!


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