Surprise… Surprise…

The beautiful thing about working for a company that shuts down for a week over christmas is that I actually have time to knit and well relax after the family stuff is all over.

My project box is still overflowing with old projects but I started a new one anyways after I went yarn shopping with Bethany the last time.  I am slowly working on the Ramona Cowl from Knitscene Magazine.  I am using one of the balls of Noro I bought and some grey yarn that was in the stash.

This is what it looked like half way through the first repeat while pulled over my knee to stop it from rolling long enough to take a picture. I am half way through the second repeat now (out of 10..eek) and well its taking forever.

This pattern has been a fun knit so far but starting it was a pain in the bloody rear. I don’t like the cast on method the author of the pattern used and I had to re-start knitting the thing three times because it kept on twisting. I finally decided to knit two rows in just the grey before starting the colour work because it just wasn’t working.

I will be honest and say that I don’t particularly like doing colour work. I hate being tangled in yarn and having to stop and unwind the yarn. It sucks. I am more of a lace knitter so this is definitely trying.  Lets see how long I work on this thing before I give up. and it ends up in the “land of misfit knits” or the black hole I call my in progress knitting basket.  Maybe I will finish this one in 2012…


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