101 in 1001 Final Count: Organizational

Okay I really need to get going on finishing these posts.  Get ready for a few in the next couple of weeks along with the new (more manageable) list.

This organizational section was okay for me… not the worst and hopefully it doesn’t end up being the best section. L That would suck.

Grand total…. /6


  1. Print all pictures immediately after taking them of important moments of my life.-FAIL

To be honest, I think I did this once. All my pictures are in iphoto… which I think is a plus. I think the photo album is a dying breed.

  1. Clean out my underwear drawer and get rid of anything questionable– HALF FAIL

It was looking better but it is starting to look questionable again. Why I thought this was a good idea for this list is beyond me.

  1. Get rid of all of my “fat” clothes or get them altered- FAIL

Why I used “fat” clothes again is beyond me… I usually get rid of things that I don’t wear but there are a couple items I am holding onto for dear life. Plus the fact that I haven’t been to the gym in ages, I have a cold and its well Christmas mean that I will probably need some roomy clothing in the near future.

  1. Keep track of all finances and don’t let the bills pile up.- COMPLETED

At the time this list was finished I was well organized and there were no bills or papers anywhere. The chaos of the last couple of weeks… not so much. Time to get back on track.

  1. Keep desk clean for a full month.- COMPLETED

I am marking this completed since well I had done it. It didn’t say I had to keep it organized.  Up until two days ago, when I moved offices at work, my desk was spotless… that should count for something.

  1. Redecorate my room in my parent’s house.- COMPLETED

If you have to return to your parent’s home after moving away for school due to the lovely economy or if you are like me and choose to go back to school, it always helps to redecorate it so it doesn’t remind you of high school. One less reminder always helps.

Next post there will be pictures I swear!

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