I HAD plans…

SO I had plans to post up my latest knitting project, keep posting up my progress with the 101 in 1001, and continue to post items.  I had big plans for typing out posts for this blog… I really did. But something happened.  36 hours before my 26th birthday my grandmother passed away.

It wasn’t sudden, we knew she was suffering and we knew it was going to happen but it still messes up your plans.  Between the funeral and getting ready for christmas (don’t even start me on christmas shopping and how it SUCKS!), my plans were more just good intentions.

I am a person of lists. I LOVE lists. My desk at work is covered in post-it notes covered in lists of things I need to finish. I have lists on my blackberry of things I need to do and if it really needs to get done it gets written down in my filofax (yes I am one of the people in this world who still carries a paper agenda). However, my problem is that I write down these lists and then forget about them.

The lists get pushed to the side, forgotten and never to be looked at again. They get re-written in 3 different spots until the task gets completed. If its a personal task, God only knows how long it takes to get done.

Things need to change and my 26th year will be the one where it happens.  Life is too short to not get things done.  I have proposed a new challenge to myself. By Christmas day I am going to have devised a list of 27 things I will need to complete by the time I am 27 (end date: Dec 7, 2012).   Wish me luck!


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