New Yarn…. New Knitting Mojo

So I finally figured out what I needed to get my knitting mojo back…. a trip to Romni Wool with Bethany, my knitting enabler.  I realized that I needed someone else who can egg me on and get as excited about knitting as I do. Plus even though I have a large yarn stash, finding new gems in the bargain basement is always exciting as ever.

So here are the new additions:

Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, colourway: S273.. 2 balls… from the bargain basement 🙂

And more Noro Silk Garden Sock… in colourway: S221… one lone skein left.. again the bargain basement.

Believe me…going home with only 3 balls of the stuff was self restraint. If I am knitting this stuff, the projects always seem to get finished. Noro is addictive. Knitting crack of sorts.

Malabrigio Sock Yarn also came home with me as well… colour way: Stonechat… price: not to be discussed.

This stuff was definitely not from the bargain basement. Early birthday gift to myself perhaps?

I was so inspired by the purchases that I went home and started a new project. The Ramona Cowl from the newest Knitscene. Picture and post to come later.  I need to get back to knitting… my mojo is back!

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