I’ve got a little theory…

… all of us are a little crazy in our own right. I just happened to have got a little more crazy than most people. (side note: its probably one of the reasons why I am single, but thats another post for another day…)

Lately, I haven’t had much motivation to knit or blog. Sometimes I feel that if I don’t knit than I can’t blog which is a stupid idea since I control the blog entries I make. So for some reason I felt today was a day that I needed to share my little bit of crazy with the world.

I should preface this by saying that I LOVE Hallowe’en. I know this is not something too crazy and totally normal but I still don’t feel like I can announce it to the world. Reasons being a) I am not 5 years old and b) I don’t particularly like haunted houses.  No, I love Hallowe’en because I can dress up as anything I want for one day and its a holiday that doesn’t involve family celebrations… oh and there is a ton of candy and chocolate.  For me its the perfect day.

I have always had a bit of a flare for the dramatic, except for the fact that I can be quite shy.  I lived and breathed dance when I was little and was exposed to “stage” make-up at an early age. Hallowe’en is the one day a year where I can let it all go and wear ridiculous amounts of makeup (which I hoard more so than yarn) and sparkles and all those things that people my age can not wear in the corporate world.  Add in the fact that I work at a job that does not allow me to wear makeup or jewellery on a daily basis and this is the time of year I get to go hog wild.

That being said, I just spent 5 hours today driving across town to 3 different Walmarts, a Pier One Store, a Rexall drug store and a Michael’s craft store to find peacock feathers and two eyeshadows for my Hallowe’en costume.

Why? you may ask.. Its because the crazy person/perfectionist in me has to find the perfect costume in my head that probably doesn’t exist.  For my one day a year of complete freedom, I want to create the exact image I have created in my head. The type A/ OCD portion of my personality comes out in full force at this time a year.

This year, I want to be a Peacock and yes, I do know that those costumes exist for sale on the internet but I don’t have 200 bucks to shell out for one that is not on the cheesy side. To add to this, I have been dreaming about this costume since the Katy Perry Concert June. Normal people would have started already instead of waiting until a week before to get their costume started. Should I add in that I have a nasty cold that makes me sound like a 12 year old boy who has hit puberty? Yup, I looked and sounded like a train wreck as I dove through the hundreds of fake flowers in the craft section at walmart trying to find more sets of peacock feathers while inhaling the bag of halls I bought at the drug store.

Tomorrow, I plan to hit up another Walmart after work with my squeaky voice for some more feathers…because the three bunches I found are not enough for my vision of the tail.  God, I feel sound like a junkie for these blasted feathers.

Normal people, I feel, would have given up by now and would have hit up the closest party store for a boxed costume.  But oh no, my Peacock costume, complete with feathered tail, will be finished by next Saturday.  As soon as I get enough feathers….

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