101 in 1001 Final Count: Crafty

Now time for one of my biggest failure sections… the crafty section! This just confirms the fact that I am an awful knitting blogger and procrastinator…I wish I had more time to devote to this section.

Total for this section…. 3/12…ugh…

1.Get yarn stash down to 2 hatboxes (not including wips)– COMPLETED (ish)

I am going to call this one completed and here’s why… my two hat boxes currently hold knitting supplies and left over yarn. The main stash that is to be used for actual projects is down to two bins in a plastic storage container. I have been on a really big yarn purge and it shows! The work in progress bin is not overflowing either.

2. Finish the scrapbooks I have started or planned out– FAIL

I sorted out everything and have them sitting in a hatbox ready to go… does that count?

3. Finish sock yarn blanket– FAIL

Damn… I was really out of my mind when I wrote this list. I have tried to take a progress picture but I can’t get a good one. Lots of blurry macro shots of yarn though so maybe I will do a picture post shortly with a lot of those.

I think I need to bring back this mindless project ASAP though.

4. Design and knit 3 Items (1/3)– FAIL

I had to check ravelry to find out what I considered designing… I guess those mitts I made for my bff Lora way back for Christmas. I was working on a large scarf pattern but stopped when I stopped liking the results and realized that it would cost me another $100 to finish it as planned.  I think I need some more knitting practice before I start actually designing my own patterns. I can modify a pattern like nobody’s business now so I think I have progressed enough.

5. Buy 5 things off of Etsy (0/5)– FAIL

This is a fail based on the fact that I am a poor student who is still a little wary of buying stuff off the internet. I do have my eyes on one of these necklaces or earrings when I finish school and/or get a full time job.

6. Knit socks for a male friend– FAIL

Boys have big a$$ feet. Enough said.

7. Sew a dress I will actually wear out in public– FAIL

I was too lazy/ broke to actually get my Serger tuned up. So I haven’t used either my  sewing machines.

8. Frame the finished cross stitches that are sitting in my dresser. (0/2)- FAIL

They are washed and ready to be framed. They have been that way for two years now.  Oops…

9. Finish all the cross stitch kits that I have. (0/2)- FAIL

I started one of them… I forgot how long they take to complete.

10. Try a craft that I have never tried before and could not learn in front of my computer. (ie. Pottery, weaving, silversmith-ing)- FAIL

Didn’t even try.

11. Create an inspirational book for myself- save articles, pictures, quotes, collages that make me happy and inspire me in any way shape or form.- COMPLETED

I have a binder filled with pages from magazines as well a lot of images saved via pinterest.

12. Send all the really ugly FOs sitting in my bin to the frog pond and if I don’t like the end product of what I am knitting I have to rip back and re-knit it. – COMPLETED

The frog pond has gotten bigger and a lot of the projects I am working on right now are frog pond items.  Hopefully, I will have some items to report.  The elongated boob- holder is a project that I ripped, washed and dried the yarn and started to re-knit.

So all in all, this section was a bust. A lot of these things I do want to finish though so I will have to get a move on with them in the future.

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