101 in 1001 Final Count: Healthy Living

So this section ended up being a lot better for me than the first one. I kinda became a bit of a workout fiend for a while there. I dropped off for a while and I am just getting back into it now. The final tally for this section was 6/14… a little better than the last one.

SO here we go again….

WARNING: This is going to be wordy with no pictures…

1. Read 3 books/magazines on yoga principles and/ or stress management (3/3)– COMPLETED

This task was completed pretty early in the game. I started reading fitness mag and women’s health non stop. I also started a self- help book kick and that helped as well. Overall I didn’t learn too much more than I already knew but sometimes you need a good kick in the arse to get you going…

2. Take a spinning class– FAIL

I am still intimidated by these classes. I am definitely not a biker so I don’t know how well I would handle one of these classes.  Maybe one day… I don’t really like riding a mountain bike and prefer a one-speed as long as I do not have to do hills. 

3. Take a term of yoga classes– COMPLETED

Every monday I go to a Gentle Yoga class and love it. I tried hot yoga (at reduced heat) and I thought I was going to die. I may try again one day but for now I will stick with the yin. 

4. Be able to stay in plank position for 2 minutes without shaking (and without my arms feeling like spaghetti)- 1/2 COMPLETED

I can do a minute without feeling like I want to die… I feel like thats good enough for now. 

5. Maintain weight at 120-125 ish lbs– 1/2 COMPLETED

I was able to stay in this set goal weight for majority of the 1001 days. Unfortunately, due to family/work stress I hit a wall in about March and I stopped going to the gym and shot up the scale. (side note: I am trying to maintain this weight because my family doctor told me I should be there. I know a lot of people the same height as me who are healthy at higher weights but unfortunately I am not one of them. 😦 I am quite jealous of them… ) I am back on the workout/healthy living track and will hopefully be back there shortly….

6. Get into a routine where I go to the gym consistently– 1/2 COMPLETED

As above, I had fallen off the wagon… Back on now and I am now a regular at my gym.  I have even been conned into going to Circus school and going to Tennis lessons.  Stories about that to come later…

7. Stretch until I can do the splits again (side splits) – FAIL

Definitely not happening anytime soon. Guess I will be spending more time stretching. 

8. Go on a hike in the great outdoors– FAIL

Never happened… maybe one day. 

9. Try snowboarding or cross-country skiing– COMPLETED

This year I tried snowboarding… and loved it. So much that I am going to buy a board (and bindings and boots) this year.  We went 4 times (one was a weekend away at Blue Mountain) and for some reason no cameras made it onto the hill.  

10. Skate on the Rideau canal in Ottawa – FAIL

Never made it up to Ottawa during the winter time. This will have to go on the to do list for another time. 

11. Take a workshop at Flirty Girl Fitness- COMPLETED

Well soon to be completed so I am counting it as done.  I have been taking some classes there and loving it. Its a great change from the classes available in suburbia. 3 of my friends and I have signed up for a workshop at the end of July. It should be fun. 

12. Spend a whole day in bed/ in pjs, not because of sickness or sleep deprivation. – FAIL

Again, priorities have changed and well I don’t have time to waste a day in front of the tv and I really don’t want to spend the day like that. I think I got my fill in uni. 

13. Go salsa dancing.– COMPLETED

Went salsa dancing for a friend’s birthday. One of the best times I have had out dancing. I don’t think we sat down for 5 minutes once we got there… great time for a girl’s night out. 😉 I highly recommend it. 

14. Get a strike bowling 10 pin.- FAIL

If you know me and how athletically challenged I am, this will not come as a surprise. I am definitely still not able to throw a strike while 10 pin bowling. I can now get a spare..  Maybe one day….


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