101 in 1001 Final Count: Personal

The first section in my 101 in 1001 challenge was my personal section. How I determined that these goals were more personal than my other ones I do not know but I guess I did.

This section I don’t think was too much of a success for me…. 4.5/15 was my grand total with some things that I am working on.

1. apply to graduate studies of some sort (or more schooling) – COMPLETED

In September of 2009, I quit my job (which I hated with a fiery passion) and went back to school. I had graduated in 2007 with a B.Sc. that I had never used and I was sick of looking at my very expensive piece of paper on the wall. I was working as an insurance broker at the time and while I had met a lot of amazing people during that time, it was not for me. I didn’t get into the highly competitive program I wanted so I decided to go into a technical college program for biotechnology.  Usually I like taking the path of least resistance but in this case I took a chance and it seemed to work out well so far.

2.Get a job in the scientific field – COMPLETED (well at the moment it is)

Ok… so I am on a Co-op term at the moment but I have gotten valuable training and experience in a lab and I love it to pieces. Originally when I wrote this list I would have been close to graduating at this point. However, since I scored a 16 month paid (oh happy day!) co-op term I couldn’t refuse, I still have 8 more months of school to go starting in Sept.

3. Blog — get posts going at least once a week (modified…lol) – HA!

Ok… so this one didn’t happen… lets not kid ourselves. This is something I need to work on.  I will probably start posting more in the time to come… my life has gotten a little more interesting and I am hoping I will have some time to share some of the good parts.

4. Buy a sequins dress and wear it out in public – DIDN’T HAPPEN 😦

I am still looking for a rockin’ sequins dress to rock one day. I haven’t found the perfect one and definitely do not want to force it. I have worked in more sequins into the wardrobe so I think its a win.

5. Buy an article of clothing (ie. Shirt, dress, pants) from a local artist/designer & 6. Buy jewelry from a local TO designer –  FAIL x 2😦

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete these two tasks. I usually end up buying handmade jewelry on trips and was able to by a couple pieces in Ottawa but nothing from around TO. There is always time for that though

7. Go to the spa for a full day– FAIL

This is one of my tasks that I realized was not too important to me after I made it. I didn’t feel like I need to spoil myself in this way to make myself happy. Since I am unable to wear makeup and nail polish at work, wearing it on the weekend has become important to me but I can’t justify spending $40+ dollars for 2 days. What I can spend is $8.99 for the Sally Hansen patterned nail- thingys (on long weekends that at least 4 days off in a row)… I mean how can you say no to something that looks so kick ass?

Please excuse the cuticles… 8h/day wearing nitrile gloves really does a number on your fingers…

8. Send a secret to Post secret & 9. Leave 2 additional secrets in Post secret books in chapters – FAIL x 2

I could never gather the courage to do this one. I created multiple postcards and never once sent them. They all ended up in the shredder. I guess I never felt like they were witty enough or powerful enough to send in. People really put all their emotion into their post cards and I think for me it will have to be done on a whim. Now that I have some post its in my filofax, maybe one day I will get the courage to drop one or two into a book.

10. Participate in NaNoBloMo– FAIL

Ha. That definitely never happened… Need I say more…

11. Keep a potted plant living for at least 6 months + – FAIL (but not on my account)

My family is definitely not good when it comes to keeping plants alive… any plant that has come into our house has had a run in with either my mother or the vacuum cleaner. So this task definitely didn’t happen. However, I have kept a flower garden going every summer so I give this on a fail based on external circumstances.

12. Wear my bathing suit confidently (no shorts over the bottoms) in public– COMPLETED

When I went to st. kitts I definitely rocked two bikinis without shorts. Who cares if you are pasty as hell or have saddle bags, rock whatever you want and be confident while doing it.

13. Stop using the word “sorry” when not needed (double points if I figure this out without a shock collar) – 1/2 COMPLETED

This is still something I am working on but I have gotten a lot better in the past year especially. “Sorry” is definitely overused in our society and I am going to stop using it when not needed.

14. Kiss in the rain. -COMPLETED

Its a personal story and I plan to keep it that way. It also wasn’t too exciting so there really is no need to kiss and tell. 😉

15. Buy myself something that comes in a blue box with a white ribbon– FAIL

I thought in the beginning that I would buy myself an expensive gift after I finished college but then my coop term got in the way. I also can’t really justify buying myself something expensive for no good reason. Again, my priorities have changed and would rather spend that money on a trip if I ever get the chance to travel again.

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