101 in 1001 Fail…

Wow! I never realized that when life got really crazy I would miss the ending of my 101 in 1001. I was so excited about this project that I couldn’t wait to start it and I totally missed the ending date go by. I guess such is life.

In the next few days/weeks/months… maybe even years I will be writing about my experiences with the project and updating my list section by section. Its way too much to do all at once and with something that took up so much of my time I feel like I do need to finally sum up my life in that time period.

I really liked that this project made me set goals and give me an idea of where I wanted to be in a 1001 days. Sometimes I feel like a year goes way too fast and I liked that this was a longer time period. The only problem is that sometimes life changes or your priorities change and I found that some of my 101 goals were no longer relevant to me as time passes. I guess this is just a fact of life and it gives me an idea of how my priorities have changed over time.

As for my knitting, things have been on hiatus a tad bit still. All my knitting has done lately has pose for pictures…

I have been playing with the settings on my camera and was able to use the macro function to get this sepia. Mmmmm.. squishy yarn.

Hopefully this weekend will bring a bit of a slow down work and life-wise and I will have some time to pull it all together. One more sleeve is all I have left.

PS. Not that anyone cares (or reads this blog) but I have also joined pinterst (a long time ago… better late than never to post the details I guess…).  A link to my profile is in the side bar.  I love how I can now keep all my random pictures and links in one spot. Its awesome.

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