knitting on hiatus

So the knitting is on hiatus right now. I don’t like it but sometimes these things happen. Its not a case of startitis or that another project has gotten in the way… I have just lost a little motivation to knit at this moment and fixing a problem in my sweater that is not in my priority list.

Unfortunately, my grandmother who I am close with has been in the hospital. She’s home now recovering from surgery… the last couple weeks/ past month have been emotionally and physically draining to say the least. Knitting that sweater and fixing the armholes have been the least of my concerns.

Now that life is returning to normal, that pile of knitting you see below (in the crappy cell phone picture) should start coming together shortly. Last Sunday I started knitting a bit while watching a movie but I didn’t get much done. I blame the fact that I didn’t get home until 4:30 that morning due to a huge snowstorm that hit Saturday night. A responsible person probably wouldn’t have gone dancing knowing bad weather was coming… But it was totally worth it!

Maybe a post about the sleeves of horror will happen sometime soon. Just maybe…

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