WIP….The elongated boobholder

Sometimes I think that there is not enough time in the world, to work and have a life outside of work, let alone knit. Before, knitting was a lifestyle to me. I would knit while I studied, while I was hanging out with friends, on the bus and in coffee shops. I used to even knit in the lunch room at my old job.  Now  I find it hard to find time… unless I have a stay-cation planned or I am sick or I need to knit due to a deadline (ie. Bethany’s shawl or the knitting olympics).

In early Jan, while I was writting most of the blog posts that have shown up this month, I was sick with a cold and then a sinus and ear infection… I was off work for 4 days and I lived in front of the tv for about 6 days (there was a weekend in there). In that time period I got a lot of knitting (and well sleeping) done.

Now before everyone gets on my case about my case of startitis that accompanied my sickness, I would just like to clear the air and state that a new project was only started because I did not feel that I could knit anything else under the influence. One project needs new needles, one project has not been touched in over a year and well I did not trust myself to be able to use a darning needle under the influence (of cough meds, of course).

So under that justification a new project was born…. behold the elongated boobholder…

If I was completing the regular boobholder (seen here, or here), I would be done by now. However, I tried once to do the pattern once before, with this exact yarn and well it didnt turn out well. Lets just say at this gauge, the puff sleeves start to look a little like 80 shoulder pads gone wrong. They could of thrown me on the football field because I looked like a linebacker. It was not a good look. I threw the yarn a drawer after the original attempt was frogged and haven’t looked at it until now.

My mods so far are…

  1. No puff sleeves
  2. Less stitches cast on
  3. Needles increased to 6 mm
  4. 5  rows of 2×2 ribbing at bust line
  5. Knitting continued past boobs

I still plan on having only one button  hole since I have the cutest flower button to go on this thing. And I am hoping that I will have enough yarn that I can do at least a 3/4 sleeve with this yarn.

Now all I have to do is find time to knit. Hopefully I will find at least sometime this weekend to weave in ends on my mittens and cowl and take some pictures. 🙂

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