FO: The wedding shawl…

For: Bethany (the bride)

Pattern: Moonlight Sonata Shawl

Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Fino Colourway: 0099

Time to Complete: approx 6 months… 4 months of actually knitting, 2 months sitting in my knitting bag)

The wedding shawl was a shawl made for my former house-mate and good friend and knitter-in-crime, Bethany. Bethany was getting married (well… she is married now) and asked me to make her a shawl to go with her dress. Oh course, I said yes right away and we started planning it out with her on the otherside of the country.

About a year ago, we went shopping for the yarn with a swatch of her fabric and the pattern in hand. I cast on right away and had problems starting with this pattern. I dont like picking up stitches and well you have to pick up over a hundred stitches to get to the actual lace portion. I had to throw out the first attempt at this shawl since it just did not work out.

Majority of this shawl was knit in the spring time while watching world cup soccer.  Once I got going, it was an easy knit. It went quickly and I had no problem picking up the lace pattern and knitting it up quickly.

The whole thing was blocked out early and it was my first attempt at using blocking wires. Note: The blocking wires was one of the best purchase I have ever made.

And since this is the project I am most proud of from the last year….here are more shots…

Me holding the shawl post blocking:

The shawl while blocking… Look at those blocking wires. 🙂 They were such a lifesaver.

A close up of the pattern:

Overall, I really enjoyed knitting this pattern once all was said and done… and of course, I really enjoyed making this for such a wonderful person like Bethany. It was definitely my favourite project of 2010 and the one that was the biggest challenges as well. 🙂

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