Where we are and where we are supposed to be…

… are two completely different ideas. I was reminded of this last night when I was in my gentle yoga class. I had a mini freak out this afternoon when I was out to coffee with a good friend. We were discussing our lives and the hardships we have gone through in the last little bits and she turned to me and asked me how i felt about starting a new job in a few days.  Unlike everyone else who asks me if I am excited, she asked me how i felt. I realized right then that I was terrified to start a new job (its a coop placement) because if I hated it then it wasted all the time I have spent at school over the past year. One of the reasons that I don’t blog is because it terrifies me sometimes to see what i have recorded and how little or how far I have come over a certain period or time.

Well during yoga, the teacher talked us through some poses that are meant to be held for a long time. During one of the poses she reminded us not to push ourselves and that sometimes where we think we should be in the pose is not the same where we actually are. We have to accept our bodies and our limitations and that we cant push ourselves into a place we are not supposed to be at that time.  While struggling to hold myself in a pose that normally i would deem uncomfortable, I understood that the same goes for my own life as well.  Where I am right now is not going to be anywhere close to anywhere my friends are. Just because I am almost 25 and I don’t have a house or a permanent job or because I haven’t travelled to Europe doesn’t mean I haven’t had a full life that has been full or positive experiences. I am where I am and where I need to be to make my life and future be what i want it to be. If it takes a couple more years I will just have to deal with that.

So onto the knitting…I did finish the olympic project but i never posted pictures because school got in the way. Justifying blogging over lab report writing didn’t work. Especially since i was spending so much time on Stumble Upon (oops). So here they are…

The finished top….

And here it is on me….

Please excuse the pink and the shoddy picture taken in the bathroom mirror. If I get the courage to wear it out, I will get a proper picture. Its the first garment I have finished that has turned out to be the right size. lol

I also did something I haven’t done since the knitting olympics… I picked up my knitting needles and re -started the wedding shawl.  Pictures to come since i don’t want to jinx myself. I have already frogged it once. 😦

More knitting should be coming in the future… and more blogging too. I have decided that since I dont always have knitting to show I am going to include random musings as well… its time I celebrate the life I am living instead of hiding from it.

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