Day 1: The challenge begins…

I am really surprised  that I stayed up for the whole opening ceremonies last night. Usually by friday night I am exhausted by my schedule so I end up crashing before 9, but last night I was fully awake and excited for the start of the olympics.

I started casting on as soon as the ceremonies started because I did not swatch beforehand. I mean who really swatches? lol I probably should have since i decided to change needles after knitting 3 rows but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I have chosen Red Heart Cotton Twist in black because it was sitting in my stash. I bought the 3 balls, 2 years ago when I was unemployed and a yarn shopping fiend. It was on clearance at Walmart and I ended up walking out with it and also some in red. To be honest, it reminds me of dishrag cotton so its been living it the stash for a while now. Since I am on student budget again, I felt a stash bust is the way to go. I have also decided too that it is time for the stash to decrease in size since I never end up using it or having to hunt down dye lots if and when I decide to use it. It would just be easier to get my butt to a yarn store and buy enough at once when I have a project in mind. Of course I will still have a couple stash items so that i can cast on right away when I am having a moment but it won’t be to the same extent. lol….

anyways… heres the progress.. 3 repeats of the lace pattern in: I threw in the flowers because I needed something to brighten it up and make me feel a little better since the lab I am working on is not going so well…

Heres the lace close up:

Hard to see… but I was having trouble taking a photo and holding the lace with my hand.

Tonight I am going out and I don’t think there will be much progress but I will try and blog sometime tomorrow.

There will be a gold metal for me this year.

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