Time to get my knit on…the Olympics have begun!

It is that time again folks. The winter olympics have commenced and so have the knitting olympics that go along with them so well. I am currently sitting in front of the tv watching the opening ceremonies and I have cast on and knit 2 rows of Lelah.

I decided to knit this pattern because I have been coveting it since I first saw the pattern on Craftster a long time ago. I figure it will be a relatively simple knit that will use some stash yarn. I know that the knitting olympics are supposed to challenge my skills as a knitter, but most of my knitting time will be at 6:30 am while I am riding the bus into school. Since we are in Canada, and the days are still short, I need something that I won’t screw up so early in the morning and well in the dark.  I may take a picture or two next week of the sunrise. Its been beautiful the last couple of mornings and it is really refreshing to be able to see some form of sun before I arrive at school.

Now the biggest challenge for me will be to finish the project with my school work. I haven’t finished a project in a REALLY long time. Its almost come to the point where I find my ravelry page depressing. I am hoping that this will get me out of my knitting coma and onto some serious knitting again.

Pictures tomorrow of the progress or lack there of. lol

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