The sweater that will never end.

There is always one project that is on the needles that gives a knitter a lot of grief while they are knitting it. The sweater has been the end of me. I have been working on it for approximately 3 years now and many projects have come and gone and its still there.

It first started out as thermal with different coloured hem, then it became a boatneck in stockinette stitch with the coloured hem and then I gave up and decided to frog it for the tenth time and make it into the gathered pullover from interweave knits.

Finally I have something that resembles a sweater.

And it fits! Well it did when I tried it on in Oct. Lets hope it still fits now.

And… drum roll please…I have a sleeve…or at least a start of one here. This was taken monday. Its at the cap now and is looking like a pretty good sleeve. Hopefully this sweater will be done by new years. Fingers crossed.

I have a couple more projects sitting in my queue at the moment waiting to be finished. More updates tomorrow on that progress. 2010 will be the year the finished projects… hopefully.

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