Its only been 9 months…eek!

I totally dropped the ball on my 1001 in 101 and while it is still going. I totally have not kept up with it.

To update since february… I quit my job in insurance and went back to school on a whim. Not the masters or post grad diploma like I was planning (noone wanted me 😦 however I did get wait-listed for a very prestigious program so at least I was considered.) and went to college. I am studying to become a research lab technician and hopefully this course combinded with my degree (Biochem/molecular bio) will land me my dream job.

Over the past 9 months, I have slowed down on the knitting… to the point where is was painfully slow in order to focus on my school work and become a little more social than I have been in the past (drinking and knitting do not mix) lol. I have also learned that knitting on a bus at 6:30 am before the sun has come up does not work either and people do not appreciate knitting if the bus is really really crowded.

In two days, I am going be finished my last two exams and will be on break. For the first time in years I will be unemployed for the christmas season. I don’t think I have done that since grade 10! I plan on finishing up my projects I have on the go, do some touristy stuff around the beautiful city I live in, bake like a crazy woman and well spend some time on just me before my next semester starts.

I also have a new project that I will be doing over the break and blogging about. I think it will motivate me to blog more. My university roommate, Bethany, is getting married in the summertime and has asked me to knit her a lace shawl for her to wear. I am soooo excited to do this for her and am ready to get knitting. Since she is currently living out of the provence… I figure this will be a good way for her to see the shawl as it is coming along and see how it is going. She will be in town over the break and we will be hitting up some yarn stores to get everything. 🙂 I can’t wait.

So this time I mean it… there will be posts and updates to everything shortly. lol

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