All tapped out….

Wow… its been a while.

I had all intentions to come back and blog about my trip to Cali/Vegas, the pair of mitts I made as a Christmas gift and other things that were pending as well it all kinda just fell apart.  And well I kinda just hit a knitting wall.

Yes that’s right folks… I just don’t feel like knitting. I frogged a couple projects that had never been worn, I have a bucket of things that still have yet to be fixed and a yarn stash that has not even taken a dent.  The blue yarn that will not make a sweater has been frogged partly for the ump-tenth time and well I cant take it anymore and I want a break.  I promise you that this is not a break up and me and knitting will reunite after a short hiatus to become better than ever.  I got the new this magazine for V-day and well I am thinking about those sweaters in some stash cotton I have.

I personally blame the fact that my knitting partner in crime is living thousands of miles away.  Its hard to be obsessed when no one else feels that same joy when the new knitty comes out.

So whats my plan? well I plan on updating the 101 in 1001 and getting that up to date. Not much is new but I think its time for a couple mods to things I don’t feel are something I need to do.

I have started a cross stitch (before knitting I used to cross stitch, its one of two I have in my stash) and plan to solely work on it until the a) knitting bug comes back so strong that I can not resist or b) I finish it.  I have had the thing since elementary school and it has gardening kittens on it. The other kit I have has been started (very badly) hence why I don’t feel the need to tackle it right away).

I also plan to get caught up on the projects that I have yet to blog about and get my Ravelry projects updated as well. Maybe this will give me motivation to get those socks mailed to Bethany and to block the tilted duster to get some picks.

Well enough rambling for now.  Get ready for some cross stitched kitties in the next couple of weeks. Cross your fingers that startitis kicks in sooner this year.

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