Can yarn actually be cursed? I am making the smallest size of the pullover and using 80cm needles to knit the sucker and I have some yarn bunching. mind you I am knitting it bottom up but still. it feels big. everytime I have knit this stinking yarn, i have measured. i have checked gauge. I have measured again. and it still becomes huge. Can it be cursed or am I just paranoid? I am going to keep going and hope for the best. worse comes to worse I will just pull the whole thing out. oie. i am about an inch away from the cable pattern so after I divide for the body I should be able to try it on.

in other news… its getting a lot colder around here. it feels like one day I woke up and bang its fall. Its freezing and I am fighting a cold and my blasted gerber daisy plants have finally decided to do this…

Yup thats right… they are blooming. They havent done so all summer. I tried watering them (plus the amount of rain we got helped a lot), I tried giving them fertilizer and all they did was grow as a bush and then bam it gets cold and look what they do. Beautiful flowers right at the end. I guess better late than never.

I dont mean to be a little ranty today but really that yarn is getting to me. its worse than a bad boyfriend… i cant wait for this project to be done or at least close enough that i know that it will work out okay…

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