baby its cold outside

which means there is a lot of knitting occuring inside.  and by cold, its about 5° C outside at night and about 14° during the day. I know there is worse to come but it feels like fall just snuck up so quickly, even though it is the beginning of October.

I have yet to block out the tilted duster because well I am being lazy. I want to do it when I have the buttons and I have yet to find the perfect ones. I dont know whether to wait or try to at least get some temporary ones from walmart when I have a chance. I am on a yarn purge at the moment so I am trying to avoid yarn stores at all costs. because even though i am knitting up a storm the pile doesnt seem to be getting smaller at any rate. It actually feels like it is getting bigger since my “to be frogged pond” is getting bigger… see exibit a:

It keeps growing and growing… as I clean out my closet. anything that hasnt been worn goes in. I think the long weekned coming up will be the time to empty her out. I am also going to do the donation thing as well with any yarn that I am never going to use (ex. 10 balls of cotton yarn for $20 that is so old i can not find any reference to it at all on the internet.. and its light denim blue and boucle= bad purchase) so i can make some space for it all. 2 hat boxes is the goal and until then no purchasing extra unless a project is in mind and if its a cant eat, cant sleep until i knit it kinda thing. 

I am spending a lot of time inside because its a) cold and b) i have a cold… my ” used to be thermal sweater” is now the gathered pullover sweater from IK. I have knit about 6 ” after the hem yarn and this is my 2nd attempt at sizing the thing.

and with the hem folded up….

Another reason I pulled it out was because I did not have the hem and it was rolling like no other and I hated it. I really dont like when my tank tops roll let alone a freakin sweater. and hey this yarn is cursed so what is one more shot. I got the idea for the contrasting hem from ysolda‘s blog which I stalk read on a regular basis. Her projects always look so cute with the contrasting hem. Its like a little surprise on the inside of the sweater.  and since i am a very self taught stubborn knitter i am just winging it and hoping for the best. fingers crossed.

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