Non-knitting weekend..

My four day weekend is slowly coming to a close and I must say was amazing. I went up to Ottawa to visit my very close friend, Lora.  She is going to school up at Ottawa U and had a her housewarming party this weekend. It was a good time all in all with very little sleep and a lot of partying. I forgot to bring my camera out for all of it so it was picture-less, but all in all a good time.

One thing I love about Ottawa is its slow pace and its bohiemian feel. I went to the market for the full day on Saturday and explored all the vintage and local stores in the market before I met Lora on parliment hill. I found some awesome jewelry (spent way too much as aways) and some items I am kicking myself for not picking up.  everything there was very “green” in a way and it had a good feel.  I know I get looked at funny around here when I bring my reuseable shopping bags into Walmart (and I live out in the burbs) but there its not wierd. The girl in one store was even knitting at the cash.

I did do a little bit of knitting but I cant post it here because it was on the socks I am making for bethany and now she has this link via ravelry. So just imagine in your heads a very pretty sock, that would look very styling with a pair of brown burks.

 Now to pull out the shawl I was working on and start again on my brand new pair of addi turbo lace. This is my first time pulling them out and I am so excited. 🙂 Maybe picures to come tomorrow.

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