Item # 49- See a show on broadway

Man sometimes life gets in the way and I have no motivation to write a post.  I am home right now because I am going to be heading off to ottawa today to see one of my closest friends, Lora who has just moved there to go to grad school. Since we are leaving in the afternoon I booked today and monday off. A nice break in the middle of September I might say.

And since I have some time to kill in my procrastination of packing/ cleaning… here is task # 49 completed. In New York, Krys and I had the pleasure of seeing 3 broadway shows (we are junkies).

First up was chicago…

Oh my goodness. it was everything I had hoped for and then some. From my dance background I have grown a great love for everything Fosse and really this was just  amazing. So simple yet with a great impact. I loved it.

Second up…

… was Gypsy. It was good, but not earth shattering for me. I was happy that we did not pay full price (we got the tickets from the cheap ticket booth in times square) but it was still an enjoyable night out.

Third up was In the Hieghts.. the Tony award winner this year.

It deserved the win. It really did. I must say this is on my list of my favourite musicals and is up there with Wicked. If it was to come to TO I will be first in line to buy tickets again. I even shelled out the money to by the soundtrack right at the theatre. It was pretty intense.

And that was new york in a nutshell…

Back to knitting… the Tilted Duster is now finished and sitting on my desk ready to be blocked.  I fixed the sleeve (its on the right way now) and used up all 4 balls of the yarn I had. its shorter than the original but its the first sweater I actually like. i think before I leave its going to go for a bath and hopefully I will find  buttons in Ottawa. 🙂 Now to go pack so I can actually make my bus on time.

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