Item # 48- New York City

Unfortunately.. this post is relatively Knitting free.

In July I completed item #48 on my list, visit New York City. It was my first time venturing into the states in over 8 years and it was a blast. I headed down with my old roomate Krys.. and since I kept on forgetting to ask her for her permission to put these pictures up, I have been delayed in posting them.

I must say New York is a fabulous city! I never wanted to leave and could of seen way more. Me being the tool I am also forgot to write down the location of yarn stores so there was no yarn purchasing that occured- which may of been better anyways since I am on a purge at the moment. lol…

Here are the highlights…

We saw New York City from great hights at the Top of the Rockefeller Centre….

We found peacefull retreats in some of the old churches around the area.. some of which had secret garden like entrances….

We stubbled accross Parsons,which made the Project Runway junkie in me very happy. I would of been happier if we found Mood as well though…

And we hit up the MOMA…


where I found this…


I could of stayed in the MOMA for ever… there was amazing things. Everything was considered art. From Lego to knitting to conceptual buildings to the classics like Dali and Warhol and Picasso and everything in between. It was amazing.

We hit up some broadway shows, saw times square, visited Lady Liberty and toured around the whole city by foot. It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back! (hopefully it will be soon!)

Next post…broadway (and Knitting)!

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