*Fingers crossed*

I am so going to run out of the yarn I have for the tilted duster. I am plowing through for the neck and I have one inch to go… I then have to sew on the sleeves and knit the remainder of the ball in the skirt. I have about half of the last skein left and well I dont care if its going to be the full length it has to at least go past my hips and hit at about my jean pockets or a little bit past. heres hoping we get there.

Getting another ball of the yarn is going to be practically imposible since I bought it an hour and a half away. oie.

Fingers crossed the sleeves get on this sucker this weekend. I cant wait for it to be off the needles so I can be on to the next project… ie the ballet shawl and the fun fur hat.

Side note: fun fur = the devil. It is awful, nasty stuff. It looks all nice and innocent… and safe and fun. its evil. It has even more life than my hair in the morning… and I am true child of the 80s hair-wise if its not properly tamed.

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