Purl 5 together… is for suckers….

Ugh… this is why I do not knit lace normally. I can’t stand the fact that my project doesn’t look perfect and there are too many places for errors with lace. Either there is a stitch missing in the end or you can’t pull it back without pulling everything out or there is some other problem. My road block with the swallowtail shaw is the knit 5 togethers.  I was doing killer until they came along and now because I am using my cheapo needles from walmart, I have little loops that have been dropped along my shawl.


Plus those things are taking bloody forever and I want this shaw done now.  I want to wear it at work while it is still cold enough to rock the shawl and not look bloody crazy.  Hopefully I will be able to get a decent picture tomorrow where there is enough light outside to get a picture.  I hope I will be able to sew those suckers down later….

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