Ode to Carrie Bradshaw… and a FO…

I think most women can relate to Carrie and the rest of the ladies on Sex and the city. I know its old news but it always makes me laugh when I think about that show and how the four ladies, describe my close girl friends or even myself on some days. Somedays you are more like Carrie or Charlotte or Miranda or even Samantha.  Its a wierd balence but I think the most relatable for me in that show is Carrie and Miranda. I tend to be a tad bit on the sarcastic side and see everything as half empty, like Miranda, but then go and over analyze everything like Carrie and after I gave up emotionally eating junk food, window shopping (other than knitting) and my lovely addiction to vogue have been my stress reliefs.

One of my favourite episodes, other than the “your girl is lovely Hubble” episode in season 2, is the one where Carrie registers herself at Manolo Blanik just so she can get her shoes back. The shoes that she worked so hard for (those puppies are not cheap), the ones that made her happy. I realized I was just like her. I don’t like giving up the things I worked so hard for, that make me happy, even if they are the simplest things like a pair of shoes. If something gives you joy you have to go for it, fight for it and win it. It goes in all aspects of life.

I must say I also feel her love for shoes… this was obviously apparent last week when I fell down in the shoe department at Winners and didn’t regain my senses until I was out of the store with two pairs of shoes stuffed into a reusable shopping bag and my wallet feeling about 10x lighter.  Check these puppies out:


Usually I am not the materialistic type of person. I only started buying clothes this year since I a) lost 20 pounds and b) I have a job that requires nicer clothing than my steel toe boots, but there is something about a pair of high heels that gives me that extra boost of confidence. I don’t know what it is, maybe because I become on the same level height wise as the rest of the world, or because I feel somewhat powerful in a tall pair of heels, especially stillettos… i don’t know. I just don’t feel the love as much when I am rocking my birkenstocks.  I blame too many sex and the city reruns i have been watching lately and all the movie posters I saw while I was shopping. Or maybe I just need some colour in my life while we are still in the gloomy part of spring and have yet to see the sun shine with all the rain.

In knitting related news… I finished my shrug and I got a really crappy picture.

Yes, that is a “in my bathroom mirror before work and while there is still natural light” shot. I don’t really like it since it is a little big. I am scared to block it because I figure it will stretch plus I have yet to weave in the ends. I need to con a friend into taking a good picture of me in this thing… or maybe get one of them to model it… hmmm….  i don’t know yet. Maybe it  will go to the frog pond with the rest of my FOs from way back when. Will I ever like something I knit that is not a scarf or a sock?

(Excuse the scatterbrain-ness… its late and I fully doubt anyone actually reads this but i felt the need to ramble. )

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