Every year in uni I used to get startitis around this time. I would want to start more and more and more projects  to the point I was overwhelmed with what i started and really in the end nothing got finished anyways.  I actually got an email from my old roomate who knew this behavour of mine quite well… and encouraged it. This year though its totally different. Instead of feeling the rebirth of spring, the need to start new projects, I feel a different burden. I look at my closet and feel overwhelmed, I look at my yarn stash and feel overwhelmed and then I look at the projects I have started and feel very overwhelmed.  Maybe because I have moved out and I no longer have a knitting roomate to feed the fire.  

All in all, my life feels cluttered.  I feel this year that I have been hibernating and wasteful during the winter and now is my time to clear out and generate space. I want to fix the projects I never wear, I want to finish what I have on the needles, and I want all my little odds and ends of yarn to disappear. I want all the clutter gone.

Now to find the time to clear it out…

I think I want my startitis back… I miss it. 

Good news is that my jitterbug shrug may be almost finished and almost ready for a photoshoot… in which case, there should be a post with pictures coming this way soon… hopefully by the end of this weekend if i ever get a spare minute.

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