No news is good news…

No new knitting to report… I have actually been slacking on the photo taking and knitting lately.  Its really not my fault! My book enablers have been going crazy.

Book Enabler #1 lent me Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (if I knew how to do the little links I would). I haven’t cleared a book this fast in a while. I finished it within three days. I guess the message of “just live, no regrets” has been speaking to me, even though I am still sitting on my butt just waiting for everything to fall into place. I guess if you want happiness you have to go out there and grab it…

book Enabler #2 lent me a copy of the Friday Night Knitting Club. I need to ready this and will start tonight… this book enabler also gave me a book to read at christmas time which i have yet to get into. I know I better get on it, or else this enabler might stop (shes my aunt) and has one of the best personal libraries ever.

I am also itching to travel back into Mr Darcey territory and read some Jane Austin again… if only I could get back into knitting with this much enthusiasm since I have projects on the go that are sitting there…oh well….

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