gotta feed the yarn habit somehow…

Sometimes I think that I work so that I can knit (and eat/ live too). I used to knit in my spare time at work sometimes to ease stress and to fill my long lunch hour. Being the new person on the team, I got the late lunch (4pm!) and well most people are clearing out of the office then or shortly thereafter… so I used to sit and work on socks… especially if I have a deadline.

It never ceses to amaze me how people react to my knitting. Some people mock, some people  laugh, others encourage and others are just plain shocked. For Example… exibit A:

boy at work (BW): Are you knitting?

ME: Yes

BW: really?!


BW: what are you knitting?

Me: A sock

BW: Just one? Don’t they come in pairs? (imagine smug look on face)

ME: Yes… I am knitting one sock and then the other. So there will be two.

BW: oh… (shakes his head and exits stage right)

Now this happened a while back… I am not going to lie… I have stopped knitting at work. I don’t have anything really portable at the moment that I can jut pick up and take with me and since work has so much paper around me I find that a lot of projects at home start to overwhelm me. I think I will need to start a new sock though.

 I find women are way more receptive to the knitting then guys though. Now that is not the most dramatic that I have encountered, but still, its the same old, same old. They think its funny when they ask you day in and day out to make them mittens or team jerseys (hell no..) or anything crazy.  Women on the other hand come and talk to you about who they know who knit… one lady slipped me the mary max catalogue in the lunch room. 

I think I just justified starting a new project….

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