playing hookey….

I definitely stayed home yesterday from work.. and as much as i would of loved to claim that I was taking a ferris buller day off. I was unfortunately not. I went in today even though I really could of used another day.

I did however yesterday do a lot of knitting (which means I was feeling better, even if I don’t want to admit it!) inbetween all the sleeping and tv watching and blog reading.  In my hyped up on advil state I had quite a few revelations.

One of them being that I don’t blog enough. I don’t know how some people do it. They have these exciting lives, work full time, blog about everything they do other than knit and then pop out knitted items in days that would take me weeks, if not months. Do they not sleep or eat or see the outside world? I notice the weeks I work a lot, I don’t leave the house when I am home and are usually giving my eyes and hands a rest in the evening. When I go out and see the outside world, I usually end up sick (I like to binge socialize) and passed out on the couch for a couple of days… and when I knit a lot, I don’t bother to take pictures.  it boggles my mind how some people can just seem so organized… i want to know their secrets.

I also realized that I spend way too much time thinking when I am sick and for some reason my brain starts to work in overtime. I decided yesterday that working on my italian would be an excellent idea. It was about as good as an idea as buying Italian glamour magazines to teach myself… needless to say I didn’t get very far… but i definitely oogled some pretty knits. one of which I keep coming back to…

I am in love with that scarf. I want that scarf. i need that scarf. I can’t knit that scarf because I have no more white and black yarn in my stash and I am on a major yarn diet at the moment.  ( i am also in love with those shoes as well, but this is a knitting blog…) I know it is simple and probably will never get made by me but its so edgy and perfect and really would go with everything.  I covet it…

 More inspiration to come later…

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