“So sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick…”

Yes… its easter weekend and instead of gorging myself with chocolate, I am crashed on the couch drinking tea and eating oranges by the bushel.  And if this post doesn’t make any sense… just bear with me…. lol

Its been a long while since I have blogged and not much has changed since then…

I am still working on the shrug and on the tilted duster… and I really need to update my progress bars since most of those projects have been abandoned- kinda like my life the last little bit. 

the tilted duster in all its glory is….well boring… its a lot of stockinette… I am working on the second sleeve before I sew up the three main front pieces (as seen below). Those were a quick and lovely knit… so quick and easy.. but not mind numbing. They do however need a good blocking!

 Damn… I love this yarn, its soo soft and squishy…

And the ” I’m going to be a good knit blogger and actually put progress shots up on my blog shot” taken back in January… It really brightens the winter weather…

… we have the same amount of snow here, if not more. I can’t wait for spring to break out and it to be dress and high heel weather.  I am sick of scrapping my car in the morning and almost killing myself walking from the car to work in the morning. I know the end is near, but man… I am definitely not used to this…

 Oh well… if I ever get motivation done on that sleeve, I may get this sweater going and finished. I was hoping to wear it as a spring jacket and at least this way I have time.  You would think being sick would allow me to knit some more but all I do is think about sleeping or sleep….ugh… tomorrow I will be fine and back to my workaholic ways…

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