Nothing Gold Can Stay…

Wow… its been a long time since I have made a post and probably noone has realized I have been gone for two months….lol… It definitely has felt shorter than that.

I must say that life has been crazy. Work has been crazy, along with life in general. I feel like I have grown up as a person a lot in the last few months. The transition from student to adulthood has finally hit me hard and I must say that I don’t like it.  I hate dressing professionally, and feeling the pressure to look like an adult. So far I have dropped about 10 pounds, spent a ton of money on make-up and clothing for spring and well… done this close to every other week…

Yes, I have painted my nails a realitively neutral colour… sweet heart is the official name. (While mulling over the latest issue of IK, of course!). While to most females this seems like a common task, for someone who was caged in lab after lab for the last four years, this is the wierdest thing in the world.  I tried one time to be girly, and not thinking painted my nails before going into an organic lab the next day. Being the klutz I am, I ended up spilling acetone on my hands, wiping out my beautiful paint job in one swipe… oh goodness… please don’t get me started on the other disasters of eyebrow waxing I have encountered.

 Other than that life has generally been a bit boring but good all the same. It seems everyone I know is picking up and leaving and going somewhere crazy and exotic… and well I am stuck here in canada with no place to go. Soon enough it will be my turn, I suppose.  I guess my role for now is to see them all off with things to keep them warm…

For one of my crazy friends who decided to pick up and leave, I decided to knit her socks. Her birthday was the end of Jan, and well she left a couple days after to go work with troubled youth in BC (so she is quite deserving of these).  The yarn is Mirasol Hacho 100% Hand Died Merino Wool.


A portion of the proceeds from this yarn goes to help the families who farm and process the wool in educating their children. I thought this was fitting for a teacher candiate… and totally appropriate since we are all a little bit on the hippie-ish side. I personally think that shopping for fair trade items is very important, especially when I don’t knit for necessity, I knit for pleasure… and with colours like the ones above how can you resist?

The colours are kinda inbetween the two pictures above. When I get home from work there is no more natural light left in the day so I can’t get an accurate picture but the colours are gorgeous just the same…

The socks are just basic socks, short row heel (my fav- since I can wing it) and with two ribs running down the sock.


 Hopefully, they will keep her warm as she camps! Along with fifty other projects I have started and will blog about, my first pair of manly socks are going to be started tomorrow…. since I haven’t knit for a while at work and well, lets just say that everyones happier when i do….

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