Ugh and a half…

Yes I should be studying for something else (mainly Italian) at the moment. Instead I am up here stressing myself to the point of no return (ie. sickness) and driving myself nuts.

Yes, I am OCD and figured I failed my test on monday even though I probably didn’t.  Yes I have pulled out and reknit different portions of swoopy because I am OCD and I think they “wouldn’t fit” (its a science I have in which i stretch the piece to see if it will fit accross my body and well…swoopy didn’t make it) and hopefully.. with heavy modifications and little swatching the back will be finished after 2 hours of prime time tv. And then it will be miles and miles and miles of sewing to finish that baby off. Yes, I will not use up all of the yarn I bought for it (damn me buying two balls instead of just one when i realized I was going to run out and there was only four left there). Yes I will probably make a hot little purse and no I will not wear them together.

With all hopes… I will have a date with swoopy and my test results tomorrow and and inprogress shot will be seen by the knitting world… 🙂

However for anyone who actually reads this (if there is anyone out there… lol) … this is what it will look like except add a cowl neck…

Yes that is one scandalous panda lantern. Yes she is rocking a red halter top. The plan is to look as hot as she does but only time will tell.

Goodness gracious, i need a life….

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