I have the attention span of a 5 year old…

Yes folks, I should be studying. or sleeping. not on the computer dealing out my ramblings and searching through all the knitting blogs that i read. Those are not important at the moment. Really they aren’t but right now my reading knitting is downstairs, I just said goodbye to my friend who is moving away for good in two days and I just had a latte… all which justifies my late night blogging.

Why am I up late at night studying? Because I am putting my science degree to good use by studying to write my licensing exam to become an insurance broker. Its of course what every little kid dreams to be when they grow up and also what my friend who is leaving always said he was going to drop out of school to become so i feel like its karma’s way of kicking me in the butt (in a good way of course!). I was definitely in a rut without a job and this has gotten me out of it. However I need to pass in order to keep said job so Italian class is on the backburner and so is knitting.

I did however start a couple new projects. Swoopy from the Stitch n’ Bitch calendar is going to be my going out birthday shirt, hopefully, and is a nice change from the blue of the sweater-that-used-to-be-thermal. That sweater btw is on hold at the moment. Why you ask? well…..

I could have quints and the sweater would still be too big for me. Thats the best picture I could get and you can’t even see the gapping in the back. Its going to be ripped of the 4th time now. At least the sleeves fit…. eek.

I also started a new clapotis… out of soy silk. I don’t love it but it will be finished and used in the summer and spring for when i am freezing at work or in restaurants but i don’t really love the colours as much as i did in the store. They are kinda granny-ish, no offence to all the grannies out there. But that day I was flooded with yarn and wasn’t really thinking.

Two sections have been dropped already so its going quicker than before. I am hoping I have enough left over to make another halter provided this one fits. Pictures tomorrow or wed if it looks less like a bookmark and more like a shirt… oh well i will worry about it tomorrow.

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