The greatest destraction….

… life has been crazy…. CRAZY.  A lot has happened in the time I have been away.

First off… yarn was aquired:

Some Malabrigio in Geranium… soon to be the tilted duster from IK or Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty. It was a Homecoming gift to myself, because well, I had to… It was compensation for ripping the sweater-that-tried-to-be-thermal-and-then-a-top-down-raglan for the third time while sitting in Cathy’s store trying to keep my sanity.

With the raglan still not completed and causing me headaches, i headed to the CreativFestival for some quality time with the old roomies (and Mere)  to spend some quality time being a fibre nerd. Hopefully, I will get enough cash to go to the Vogue Knitting Gala next year. This year i had to be satisfied with talking to the editors and starring down all of the knitted goods from the 25th anniversary issue. It was heaven. Heaven. At least I walked away with back issues of magazines and of course more stash.


Oh how I love these jewel tones.. .these two are destined for projects as well but well i don’t feel like winding them by hand. I am hoping with my fingers crossed that my parents will get me one for my birthday. My mother was puzzled by the fact that you need one and that you can’t get one at either Micheal’s or walmart. Oh muggles! I then had to explain to her that not all yarn came in balls and there were gasps of horror she gave me the “please be kidding look”. I may of failed to mention that they cost around 50 bucks.  I am however on a yarn budget at the moment and must resist all tempation that i may encounter at the time.

More tomorrow on current projects and why attacking myself with a dpn feels like a good idea when I think about my WIPs…. 

Hopefully this post actually does make some sense to anyone reading it (if anyone actually does other than my old roomates- and hopefully they don’t). I know I am in direct violation of the grammar and spelling police but its been a very long long long week.

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