Where the f*** did the pictures go?

It has been a really long time since I have done a post with pictures…. one of the reasons being is that they are on my computer. Not the one I am writting from now, but the one that is sitting across from me at my parents house that has bit the dust for the time being. Yes, after four years of abuse, being not just a computer but a phone/mailbox/tv and whatever else I have forced it to be, has decided to rebel.  First it tried to show me who was boss by eating my thesis two days before final submission and now what does it do? It decides that the internet will no longer connect for what ever reason. At least the bloody thing has the decency to allow me to back everything up before the jerk of a computer gets the cleaning of a life time. Until then I will be cleaning four years worth of crap off of it (today is music, tomorrow is pictures and thursday/friday is thesis and schoolwork, wednesday is hw and shopping because they have to be done in the meantime.) 

 Hopefully when this mess gets cleanned up there will be a sweater and a scarf to show off… I will need to knit to counteract the need to pull out my hair… and I might also need a very strong martini…

Oh well…. Its five o’clock somewhere…

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