The contract and the start of a trip…

The beauty about being at home full time, is that you are home full time. This lovely perk is also the worst part of the job. Since I have yet to find a full time job or get enough motivation to get my butt back to school (ie. apply for grad school for jan), I am currently a couch loafter. I try to make the most of it. I cook, I bake, I knit and try to get my life cleaned and organized and purged, when I am not on the internet looking for a job.

Even though these tasks are done constantly, you never feel like you ever get anything accomplished. Even a pair of socks finished doesn’t have the same feelings it did way back because I have “ten million” other projects on the go so nothing feels like its ever done. With that said I give you the “to do list” contract.

I, the writter of this blog, solomely swear to not start any other projects unless,

a) the sweater that shall not be named (ie. the Thermal-ish sweater that no longer looks like thermal in anyway shape or form). It deserves all my time and energy at the moment.

b) the other sweater that is planned at the moment shall be frogged. I will not have the time and patience to finish it and seeing it on the needles will not cause me any ease at all. 

c) The shawl’s fate will be decided.  (I am still on the fence about this one…)

d) I will keep the socks I started tonite and then stashed under the passenger’s set of my car, on the needles and only one other project at a time.

e) no more cross stitches will be started unless the projects that are sitting on my desk are fully finished with a blocking and steaming and placement in their respective frames.

Goodness gracious… I hope I can do this.

In other news, I am off to visit some friends from school (which includes the boy), for an extended period of time this week. I think its going to be a nice break from suburbia and the life I know here. There I can be a little more free feeling. I will be close to the river and the library and to downtown shopping and to an actual farmers market that has more than two farm vendors. Its going to be beautiful, I can just feel it.  There is something very relaxing about having nature intertwined with an urban setting… and with “good” people surrounding you how can you really go wrong?

The only thing that could make it better is a finished sweater….lol

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