To knit or not to knit…

Stress relief for everyone is different and even for me it varies. Some days I just want to go for a run on a treadmill till I feel like I am going to fall over to get rid of it or dance around the house like a madwoman but majority of the time I express my emotions through knitting. Frustration, boredom, happiness, anger etc. all have the associated projects with them. So what happens when you start a project at one point in your life and then leave it? Can you continue something that you feel has so many negative connotations associated with it?

I bought four balls of light blue and green mohair in late November. That month and a couple following that were extremely stressful and I started a shawl with this impulse purchase as a way to combat all these feelings. I felt that when I finished this shawl all these negative feelings would suddenly finish that I would get over what ever I was experiencing.

Needless to say, the shawl is only at repeat 5 out of 17 without the border and sitting in my closet hidding away. I would be a beautiful shawl but I feel like I have grown past that point in my life. However some of the feelings I had with the shawl are still around. The debate however is whether or not to frog. I haven’t decided what would be more liberating, finishing the shawl and wearing it as a reminder of me conquering my feelings or frogging the whole damn thing and feeding the mohair to the fire. As to what I am going to chose, I have no idea.

The yarn is Watercolours by Estelle  and the pattern is Print o’ wave Shawl by Eunny Jang. What to do.. what to do…

And sometimes projects cause more stress than they are worth. May I present exibit A.


This is what is left of my Thermal sweater from (Spring ’07 issue I think). The waffle stitch in a thicker yarn looked nasty. oh it was awful… and it was almost done. I frogged the hell of it and am attempting to add waist shapping. Fingers crossed people. Fingers crossed. One more frogging and it is going out the window. I swear I have a sweater curse. I have not liked any of the sweaters I have finished, yet I keep on hoping I will hit the jackpot one day.

I better go..I feel that sweater calling me.

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