Stitch n’ Pitch

Craziness of being at home, as well as leaving early on in the day to get into the city caused me to not be able to blog yesterday at all. So this may be slightly an essay.

The boy has been trying to get me to go to a baseball game with him for a while. My family stopped going after they noticed a lot of peanuts around (I am deathly allergic) so I  I hadn’t been to a baseball game since the TO Blue Jays won the series (early 90s…mind you they did win it twice).  Since I hadn’t been for a while and things in general for food allergic people have gotten better since I was a youngster, i told him I would go as long as I could bring my knitting.

The next day I a message on facebook from him about the stitch n’ pitch game-  perfect opportunity. So, with a hunk of baby wipes in my purse as well as a pair of socks and a sweater, we went.  We took the GO into the city and spent the day wandering around. We had supper at Shoeless Joe’s and then headed to the Skydome (I will never call it the Roger’s Centre) for the game.

Along with watching a great game ( The Jays won 🙂 ) we got a snazzy bag full of loot. There was free yarn and patterns!

We got to sit in a section with a ton of cool knitters…plus we even got Ace the mascot to knit for a bit with us…

And I finished a pair of socks with two innings left to go….

All in all a good day….

Those socks took ages to be finished. I started them in April as my travelling study socks. I can’t figure out if they got in the way of me writting my thesis or if the thesis got in the way of me working on these socks. I finished the first one a couple weeks ago at christmas in july celebrations and then finished the other last night. I personally think that they were waiting for the blue jays game. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug in the Jay colourway (see some things are just meant to be). 100% merino wool. Its so soft and squishy so they almost feel like slippers.


The pattern is Anastasia Socks from Pepperknit ( The pattern is easy to follow and I love the way that they mirror each other. For some reason I only ever like socks and scarves and the stuff I knit for other people. There have been way to many sweater and shirt montrosities to name right now.

But more on the latest montrosity later…. only two WIPs on the needles… three if you count the one that is probably going to be frogged and MIA…but i don’t want to talk about those.

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