Why I suck…

For some reason I always do this. I start things and then they get lost in the pile of things that are started and life kinda just keeps happening around them. I am one of those people who always get startitis and never follow through. I promised myself that I would continue with this blog and yet….it kinda died on me after the first post. Even as an unemployed bump on a log that I am at the moment, the craziness of life has kinda kept me from doing this.

 However, even as startitis can hit (and usually does hit me with full force), I have now finally hopefully comitted myself to get some stuff done.  I am going to try and get these pictures and everything up without a) my computer crashing and b) me throwing the computer out the window.

 However during this whole time I was knitting and knitting and knitting….

Unbiased (from Knitty Fall 04 – i think) is finished….

 Unbiased front

And a close up….

Unbiased close up

Damn, I love this stuff. Sari silk was used for majority of the body ( I got it from my old housemate who bought it on ebay…) and part of one ball of sari cotton and rayon to finish the strap. I crocheted around everything because I didn’t like the ray edge. My only complant was that it was a pain to work with. sewing the side seams was not fun and involved a string of unpleasant words to come spewing out of my mouth. I ended up giving in and just crocheting the seams together. Would I do it again? Right now I am not so sure but once i get that baby out in public it will be all worth it.

And so that it doesn’t seem like I have done nothing all this time…. May I present Cupcake (from Stitch n’Bitch: The Happy Hooker) done out of acrylic baby wool I had sitting in the stash from walmart…


Other than this really bad picture… it turned out well for a lefty trying to crochet. I am slightly impressed. That and the fact that the yarn does not really hold shape very well (shock I know) and that there are many many many visual mistakes… I love this pattern and shirt and it will see the light of day, unlike most of my hand knits….

And of course… Monkey from Knitty Winter ’06.

monkey close up

 See there is two…. not just one. Two!!!


It was my second Cookie A. pattern  and the first time using Regia bamboo sock yarn. I love the colour but i think its a little to busy to see the pattern properly. I used 2.25mm needles and man did it feel tiny. I am just so happy they are finally finished!!

Tomorrow is WIP day for me…. I plan to blog tomorrow before I leave for a knitting related activity…. 🙂 And this time I swear I will be back….

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