The FIRST Post….

hello world… and welcome to my blog. Hopefully this one, unlike others I have tried to start before will stay longer and actually encourage me to write. After four years of spending my life writting lab reports, my love for writting went down the drain.  I stoped writting in a journal, let alone a proper email to a friend unless I had to.

After spending these four years working my butt off (I was a biochem major… I know I am crazy) and knitting, I find myself unemployed, at home and well, still knitting. As you can probably tell the majority of this blog will be about knitting (like most of my life… ). I am slightly obsessed. Other rantings about randomness will probably be included as time goes by as I usually have something to say about everything.

So I hope everyone enjoys my rantings.

Onto knitting news…

Since it was storming today, I spent most of it here sewing up Unbiased from Sewing in sari silk (or in this case sari cotton/ rayon blend) sucks. I mean it really sucks. I love the stuff and the way it looks but it is a pain and the rear. It breaks, its curls on itself, it knots and well… it makes it hard for you to love it. Really really hard. One more seam to go and then it is done, except for the lining and button, but really that will take me a while to find so it will be photographed and hopefully blogged about tomorrow.

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